Before We Talk About Protecting Your Lips: Lip Health

COML Staff

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When you look at your lips, or the lips of a loved one, you’re seeing more than you may realize. From naturally moist, glossy lips to dry, chapped lips, to lips which show cracks around the edges, to discolored lips, many health conditions show their symptoms right on the most kissable part of you.


Before we decide how to best protect our lips from dry, cold air, allergens, or other dangers, we need to understand just what their appearance may mean for our overall health. Anyone can spot a cold sore, but in this post, we’re going to give you a crash course in the subtler signs your lips may be trying to share with you.

Dry or Chapped Lips: There can actually be two causes for dry, chapped lips. The effects of dry and/or unusually cold air — which is what Coffee On My Lips is designed to protect lips from — is only one cause. The other is dehydration. Always remember to stay hydrated to protect your lips from the inside, while our products help you protect them from the outside.

Lips Cracked At The Edges: This is going to sound a little awful, but… this is usually the result of an infection brought on by too much moisture being on your lips too often. This can happen if you drool a little in your sleep without noticing, too often. It’s a rare issue, but it does happen, and if it does happen, see your doctor. There is medication that can take care of this pretty easily.

Discoloration: There are a few causes of this particular issue, from the completely harmless (eating foods with strong artificial colors) to the more serious (liver disease). One of the more common causes is smoking. (There has never been a better time to quit than right now.) If in doubt, consult your doctor.

Swelling and/or Tenderness: This is generally the result of an allergic reaction to something new applied to your lips. Just trying a new brand of lipstick? If you find that your lips have become swollen or tender to the touch, or both, try switching back to the previous brand for a while to see if the new addition is the culprit.

We take pride and joy in helping you to protect your lips from the elements. But more than that — first, and most fundamentally — we have dedicated ourselves to one idea: Healthy lips are happy lips. We hope this quick guide will help you to ensure that your lips are beautiful and healthy. Our Coffee On My Lips products will help you keep them that way.