Coconut Oil: Nature’s Perfect Moisturizer

COML Staff

Coconut oil may be one of Nature’s healthiest treats. (It sure doesn’t hurt that it also happens to be one of the tastiest.) But the funny thing about this extremely healthful substance is that a pretty substantial number of its health benefits come from the saturated fats it contains.

When I first started looking into this, that phrase jumped out at me like a big red flag. Saturated fats?! I thought to myself. That sounds sound healthy at all! But here’s what I didn’t know:

There are actually a few different kinds of saturated fats, and some of them are better for you than others. The kind most of us think of in a negative light are long-chain fatty acids. Coconut oil, on the other hand, contains a type of saturated fats known as “medium chain triglycerides”, and our bodies process MCTs differently than we process long-chain fatty acids.

MCTs typically metabolize in the liver as ketones, which can deliver sensations of improved energy and greater mental focus. Why mention this when it comes to an ingredient in a lip balm? Well, it’s pretty simple: even if you don’t lick your lips, if you eat or drink after having applied lip balm, a little bit will be passed on to your food, or to the glass you’re using. That’s why it’s so incredibly important to choose only a lip balm that uses only the best in natural, healthy ingredients.

But, of course, what’s most important is not only that its ingredients be healthy and beneficial in you, but on your lips. And coconut oil is great there, too. Coconut oil is one of nature’s best moisturizers, and when lips are dry or chapped, that’s exactly what they need. Well moisturized lips are softer and have better natural elasticity and sensitivity than lips which have been dried by the elements or by nervous habits such licking or biting.

Nothing feels better than healthy, soft lips — and nothing keeps them well moisturized — and therefore softer and healthier — than coconut oil. That’s why we use it, and how we know you’ll love it.