Creatures Of Habit: New Habits For Better Health

COML Staff

Part 2: Hail Hydration!

I just had to get a cheesy comic book reference into the subtitle, didn’t I? Well, that aside, this post is all business. Adequate hydration is one of the most important beneficial health habits there is. While we’re all about healthy skin, especially your lips, healthy, supple skin isn’t just about good looks — your skin’s health is an immediately visible indicator of your overall health.

Let me say that again, because it’s just that important: If you’re not getting enough hydration to keep your skin healthy, you’re not getting enough to keep all of your body healthy. But most of us have a drink in hand several times a day; why harp on hydration?

One of the biggest reasons why people can sip on various things throughout the day but may still be lacking sufficient hydration for good health is simply that what most of us find ourselves sipping throughout the day doesn’t really get the job done.

That soda you had with lunch? I know it tasted great, but when it comes to your health, soda just isn’t a winning proposition. Why not? Well, you might be surprised to learn that it isn’t due to the high sugar content, the caffeine, or the carbonation… except hold on.

In a sense, it is due to the sugar and the carbonation. Not chemically — mechanically. The carbonation, in particular, and the high sugar content, to a lesser degree, cause you to feel “full” sooner — and, consequently, cause you to stop drinking sooner. This limits your intake of fluids in a way that non-carbonated drinks with less sugar would.

So when it’s time to keep your body well hydrated, you don’t have to abstain from soda; just don’t make that all you drink — or that one soda might be all you drink.