Shea Butter: Not Butter — Better

COML Staff

If you’ve been following our blog, you will have noticed that most of the ingredients we use for our lip balm are moisturizers. That’s because when it comes to chapped lips, that’s just what your lips need most. But just as with all our other ingredients, Shea Butter is so much more than just an all-natural, healthy moisturizer. In fact, most of the moisturizing properties of Shea Butter are the same as those present naturally in your skin itself. But that’s not even the best thing about it!

Shea Butter is packed with essential vitamins that promote fullness, softness, and skin elasticity — it doesn’t just heal chapped lips, it actually promotes your lips natural ability to resist chapping in the first place. One of the most essential vitamins for that purpose is Vitamin A. Research has suggested that the Vitamin A present in Shea Butter promotes healing of the skin — and that was one of the big reasons we chose to include Shea Butter in our products. Preventing damage to your lips is awesome! Promoting healing for lips that are already damaged by chapping! Also awesome! But when you can do both at the same time with just one product? That’s a home run!

Except it still doesn’t stop there, because Shea Butter is also an excellent source of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is still something of a mystery when it comes to how it does what it does — but what it does is some serious heavy lifting when it comes to acting as a barrier against the effects of free radicals. Why is that important? Because free radicals can cause damage to skin cells, leading to a loss of elasticity in the skin, interfering with the skin’s ability to absorb moisture and remain healthy.

All of these properties are why Shea Butter takes its place in our products — and why our products should take their place in your pocket!